Barbarian – Most commonly found among Goliath (although the Barbarian is rare among the Goliath, Goliath make up a fair percentage of barbarians, as much of the world has embraced civilization.) The largest percentage of Barbarians are made up by orcs, however. Other races have been known to embrace the wild in a case by case basis, but halfling, elf, and ratkin barbarians are extremely rare, if not non-existent.

Bard – Because so much history has been lost, all races acknowledge the need for record keepers. As such, many countries respect the bard above all others, except perhaps for high ranking members of the church.

Cleric – All Clerics belong to the Church, although they may serve many orders. The Church is nominally neutral in politics, but will serve whatever side benefits them most. Even though this is a well-known secret, all sides acknowledge the power of the Church, and acquiesce to its power.

Druid – Druids are rare these days, although the class has recently had a small resurgence thanks to Giverdy’s interest in elemental and natural magic. As such, a large number of druids are human, but Dwarves, Goliath, and Halfling all make up their ranks. Elves and Ratkin rarely embrace nature in a way to become druids, and orcs are much too violent and warlike to walk the path.

Fighter – Fighters make up the brunt of the armies of the world, and as such can be found in any country of any race.

Monk – Monks belong to various orders. Although the tradition is non-religious, there is an order of monks that serve the Church. There is also an Order that serves Giverdy, based on elemental powers. The final Order, the Order of Shadow, works for the highest bidder.

Paladin – All Paladins belong to the Order of Saint Stephen, an order within the Church. Each paladin takes an oath to serve the law of the Church above all other, and to do good and holy deeds.

Ranger – Like Druids, Rangers are rare because of the emphasis on urbanization. However, they are slightly more common than their spiritual counterparts, as guides are still needed. Especially among the Border Kingdoms, many rangers serve the startup kingdoms as advisors.

Rogue – Like fighters, there’s always room for rogues. They are found in every village and every race

Sorcerer – Both Wild Magic and Draconic sorcerers are found among nearly every race, although Draconic bloodlines are rare among the Goliath and the Dwarves. And Wild Magic tends to be found more often among humans than other races, due to its relatively new embrace of magic.

Wizard – In Immarius non-elven wizards are illegal, consequently, most Wizards are elven. However, Humans in Giverdy have recently begun experimenting with magic, and wizardry is not unknown among them. Halflings and Goliath wizards are rare, due to a distaste for the amount of study involved. Likewise, Orcs rarely have the focus to maintain the studies to become one.


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