In order to maintain a cohesive image, each race has a real world inspiration that helps establish a baseline of culture. There are outliers, of course, but this will help with the “feel” of each race.

Dragonborn – Tend to be based on Ancient Greek culture, but only gather in small family centered groups.

Dwarves – Industrial revolution English. The Dwarven cities are built along lines of industry, and tend to be covered in soot and charcoal.

Elves – loosely based on the Byzantine empire. Their empire is crumbling, and they tend to embrace tradition and flair. Anything worth doing is worth doing big, as far as the elves are concerned. Many of them insist on elaborate costumes and finery, with extensive titles, including lineages.

Goliath – Very peaceful and friendly, loosely based on the Swiss.

Halflings – Tend to be pastoral, and closely resemble the culture of the Welsh or Dutch.

Humans – Renaissance Italy, or revolutionary France. Humans, especially Givardarian humans, are fiercely nationalistic. As Genasi are only born to Human parentage, they also fit here.

Orcs – Strongly warlike, based on Vikings, but with a strong sense of honor, especially related to battle. Also influenced by Klingons


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