There are only a handful of languages spoken on Panthea, plus a few that have been lost in time. These languages are listed below, in order of most to least spoken:

Immarian – The native language of the elves, and the primary language of Immarius. This is far and away the most common language in Panthea.

Giverdian – Originally developed by human slaves of Immarius more than a century before the revolution, It became the official language of Giverdy shortly after the country was established. Now, it is the primary language of all humans, and the official language of Giverdy.

Kazzavan – The native language of both Dwarves and Goliath, Kazzavan is rarely spoken outside the Kazzavan mountains. When travelling, Dwarves prefer to use the language of the land they’re visiting, and few non-dwarves have ever even heard the language spoken.

K’thang – The harsh, guttaral language of the Orcs, it is primarily spoken on the Inner Coast, and among orcs themselves. Orcs believe their language is superior to all others, as it is able to convey complex thoughts (At least, for an orc) in only a few syllables.

Dedriac – The language of the Dragonborn. It is an offshoot of High Dedriac, the ancient language of the former Dragonborn empire. Now, there is only a passing similarity to the language. Most Dragonborn tend to use Giverdian or Immarian almost exclusively, and Dedriac is considered a dying language.

Streettalk – A “Common” language that is spread by merchants and people who need to work among varied people. It is a pidgin language, made up of bits of Immarian and Giverdian, with a few words from other languages thrown in. It is almost impossible to speak intelligently in this language, but it suffices to get a few rough ideas across, if there is not a better suited common language between the two parties.

The Canticulum – The language of Saint Asmius, and the language the Codex is written in. It is the official language of the church, and all servants of the church are taught the language before they are allowed to enter service. It is not a secret language, however. The church holds public rites in the language, and will teach it to anyone wishing to learn the language. This is most often done by people who frequently interact with the church.

Elshorian – The secret language of the druids. This language is very secretive, and is never spoken outside of druidic circles. It does not have a written component at all, and is only passed on with word of mouth.

Thieves Cant – Also known simply as the Cant, it is the language of thieves. This is also a Pidgin language, and is generally limited to code marks, and passing along messages about jobs, assassinations, cons, or other nefarious plots. It is only taught to members of the guild.


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