Panthea – The known world. This is synonymous with both the known world as a whole, and the entire continent that encompasses the known world.

  • Immarius – The empire of the elves. The measurement of time begins with the founding of this country.
    • Orandorei – Capitol city of Immarius, and by far the largest city in the world.
  • Giverdy – Human kingdom
  • Border Kingdoms – A group of upstart kingdoms that rise and fall quickly.
    • New Astonia – A relatively stable kingdom on the northern shore of Panthea. Because it is relatively out of the way, it’s only problem is occasional banditry.
      • Alberholdt – The capitol of New Astonia, and the largest city in the region.
      • Seahaven – A small Village near the northern mountains, overlooking the sea. For the past month or so, Seahaven has been the site of a localized, but deadly illness.
  • K’Thang – Orcs are masters of the sea, and currently control a large archipelago in the inner sea of Panthea. From there, they raid coastal villages and towns all around the inner sea.
  • Kazzavor – Dwarven kingdom roughly encompassing the Kazzavan mountains. Kazzavor is made up of a loose federation of seven city-states.

Other Features

  • Clarion Mountains – These mountains serve as the northern border of Immarius and the Border Kingdoms, and make it difficult to reach the northern shores, except by a small area in New Astonia. They are uninhabited by Dwarves, although some remote villages of Goliath or Dragonborn can be found among the peaks. Near the foothills, mining towns are common, as the mountains are rich in ore and resources.


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