Dragonborn – Dragonborn are exceptionally rare and hated by the elves. Dragonborn once ruled the entire known world in a mighty empire, but some catastrophic event all but wiped out the civilization. Now, only scattered ruins remain of the civilization, and some small remote villages. Elves hate them, and many will attack a dragonborn on site, although only the oldest know why. This has made them unlikely allies with humankind, and more and more have moved into the open in Giverdy.

Dwarf – Dwarves are at home in the mountains, and nearly always remain there. They live in large cities, sometimes numbering nearly four or five thousand, and have a very strict caste system.

Elf – Elves live primarily in Immarius, where non-elves are literally second-class citizens. Elves control the cities and the government, and have very strict laws of Etiquette and propriety. Family is very important to them, and it is a great honor to be able to recite an elf’s lineage back to the “founding”, when the elves ended the Dark Ages and settled Immarius. Most of these lineages go back as many as 15 generations, and are traced through the mother’s family.

Genasi – Genasi are a new edition to the world, appearing only within the past century, and always to human parents. It is rumored that the Humans who began the civil war to free themselves from the chains of elven slavery made a pact with the elemental lords, and this is the result. Humans tend to regard them with respect, but also distrust. Most other races treat them as they would treat a human.

Goliath – Goliath tend to maintain the mountaintops, and despite their large size are generally peaceloving, gentle beings. They have good relations with the Dwarves, but little contact with any other races. As such, when another race comes into contact with a Goliath, they’re almost always dumbfounded. Goliath almost never know how to react to this, and it’s generally awkward for everyone involved.

Halfling – Halfing’s occupy the plains and grasslands, and tend to be farmers and herders. They tend to live in villages, but never more than 500 or so halflings to a village. Halfling villages tend to be more of a convenient trading area, and once the population gets much beyond 500, it tends to fracture into two or more smaller villages. Trade is encouraged between villages, and of late, more and more halflings have begun trading with larger human cities as well.

Human – Humans live primarily in cities and towns, and only rarely in smaller villages. Humans in Immarius are typically slaves or servants, and cannot hold property or use magic. Humans in Giverdy have a little more freedom, but relations with Immarius remain tense. They tend to lean towards industry and innovation, and many work as artists or sculptors.

Orc – Orcs are masters of the sea. Living primarily on archipelagos, they have little room for farming, so they tend to fish for as much as they can, and raid for the rest. They’re known to be violent, and quick to anger. However, honor is very important to them, and death is a very important aspect of their society because of this.


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