Much of prehistory has been lost. It is known that a great advanced civilization of Dragonborn once spread across the entire known world, due to ruins that still stand. However, it is unknown what happened to the civilization, and although Dragonborn still exist, they are never found in more than small roaming nomadic tribes.

History truly begins with Saint Asmius, who pulled a group of Elves, Humans, and Halflings together on mount Parnassus, which would become the future site of the Elven city of Orandorei, the capitol of Immarius.

Asmius gathered the people, and gifted them with civilization. Prior to this, most races only existed as nomads. The elves embraced this gift, and 11 families founded the city of Immarius. At first, the elves, humans, and other races worked in harmony, but due to the Elven embrace of magic, Elves quickly rose to power. Over the next half century, humans went from servants, to slaves. Magic was forbidden in non-elven hands.

Over the next 500 years, Immarius experienced unprecedented growth, encompassing most of the known world. Only the Dwarven Kingdom in the mountains of Kazzavor and the orcish archipelagos did not fall under the empire’s rule. The church expanded with the empire, and became a powerful organization in its own right.

Unfortunately, the empire grew too quickly, and could not maintain itself. In Founding Year 1250, the country erupted in civil war, as many of the outlier states demanded independent rule. The war lasted for 15 years, At which point Immarius conceded defeat. Those states eventually became known as the Border Kingdoms.

Inspired by the success of the Border Kingdoms, many humans began to desire a kingdom of their own. Around the same time, Humans began experimenting with extraplaner magic, touching the elemental planes. They began working on establishing an area in the Border kingdoms, and in Founding Year 1320, Givardy was established.

In the current time, Givardy and Immarius have settled into an uneasy stalemate. The Border Kingdoms lie between them, but is home to small despot kingdoms that rarely last more than a generation, and sometimes only a decade. Kazzavor continues to maintain trading relations with both Givardy and Immarius, but is strictly isolationist politically. The Church maintained a strict code of neutrality during the wars, and now supports churches in every major city in Givardy and Immarius, as well as scattered throughout the Border Kingdoms. Of course, some despots will sometimes deny the church a foothold in their kingdom, but those kingdoms have shorter lifespans than most.

0 – Founding
640 – Trading treaty established with Kazzavor
1250 – Civil War
1265 – Civil War ends
1295 – Border Kingdoms established
1320 – Givardy Established
1350 – New Astonia established
1395 – Current year


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